If you want to develop your career - looking after the sick, elderly or vulnerable people - then the Ambition 24hours Training Academy can help you.

The Academy is your ideal solution for the essential further qualifications in your career as a nurse or care assistant. Courses include: Domiciliary Induction, Medication Training, Observation and Hospital Skills, Moving & Handling, C.P.R., Care Course, Child/ Adult Protection, M.V.A, Health & Safety, Food & Hygiene, Paediatric C.P.R.

Ambition 24hours offers fully approved courses, run by expert professionals, to give you all the key knowledge and skills you'll need in nursing or residential care.

On this Academy website you will find: training course dates; training locations; news; details of CRB Policies; and contact information, for you to book a course or find out more. Contact us today to discover the opportunities that await you.

Nurses and Care Assistants
Nurses & Carers at Home
Locum Doctors
Professionals allied to medicine
Teachers & Lecturers
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